Headed north

August 30 – We were headed north in hopes of finding Hadrian’s wall on our way to Scotland. I’ve got a knack for finding obscure, out of the way places and this choice was no different. We spent most of the day on a train from Reading to Newcastle Upon Tyne. Lots of lovely rural countryside lining the rails.

Off the regional train and onto a local train we made our way to South Shields. The walk to the B&B seemed short but a bit hilly, not unbearable but unexpected. We got checked in and got a recommendation for dinner from our host.

With the workday quickly approaching we hustled down to the beach where several restaurants were available. Our choice wasn’t great, for me anyway. The beverage options were limited. I don’t recall exactly but seems the only thing left was diet. The items of interest from the menu also weren’t available. Hangry I opted to order nothing in protest. I knew there was a fish & chips place next door that would have something I’d eat. Jennifer ordered and ate. While she finished up I took a little walk on the beach. The evening light was perfect.

Jennifer caught up with me, I got some food to go, and we headed back to the B&B so I could get to work.

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