Off to find Hadrian’s wall…or something

August 31 – All packed up we had a delicious English breakfast. Our host had called us a taxi and we were leaving our baggage there while we went to tour the Arbeia Roman Fort. For some reason I thought this was part of, maybe an end point, for the wall but turns out it was used more for supplying troops along the wall. So kind of related but not really. It was still well worth the extra effort.

Entry is free and there was a lovely volunteer guide that showed us around the site and gave us a lot of great information. The experience would not have been as enjoyable or informational without her assistance.

Tour complete it was time for us to get our bags and get headed to Edinburgh. I called the taxi company that had dropped us off earlier. A very flirty dispatcher answered the call and assured me I was way too “exotic” to be visiting South Shields. I got a good laugh and thanked him for his charm. Guess they don’t get many American tourists?

Back on the train and we were headed to Scotland. I was beyond excited to see Edinburgh. Someone had recommended we sit on the right side of the train on our journey. It was a great tip. Lots of nice views of the sea along the way. I snapped some pictures through the window along the way so there are some reflections, but still lovely.

Off the train in Edinburgh finding a taxi coming out of the station was easy. We like easy! We’d rented a nice airbnb for a few days. Mary and her daughter were on their way up from Reading to join us so we wanted to have some extra room.

Another day short on the site seeing but long on the travel. Fortunately the getting from point A to point B is the best part.

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