Off to Inverness

September 3 – There was some time to kill before going to the train station so we walked from the hotel to the tour company office. We saw fun signs, colorful buildings. and a cathedral I am apparently obsessing over.

Our business tended to we returned to the hotel to collect our bags and got a taxi to the train station. I was pretty excited to be on our way to Inverness.

Off the train we got a taxi to the airbnb. The driver was a bit of an ass, apparently we were really putting him out by asking him to take us to the other side of the river. We dropped off our bags and got a dinner suggestion from our host. We enjoyed a lovely view on our short walk to the restaurant. We talked in and were asked if he had a reservation. We did not, but there also wasn’t a shortage of tables so I was a little confused. They told us they would seat us as long as we were done with our meal by 7pm. No problem! As long as you won’t take forever to prepare our meal, we won’t feel compelled to linger. Oh my goodness it was a delicious.

Bellies full we took a little walk along the river and to the meeting point for the next days tour.



    1. We ate at River House Restaurant. Our host had suggested another pub along that street but we must have missed it and ended up here instead. It was an incredible meal.

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