The Isle of Skye and Eilean Donan Castle

September 4 – Any doubt of my Scottish ancestry vanished as we made our way through the countryside. Seeing the “naked” mountains of the Highlands covered in peat and heather felt strangely like home. I can’t wait to go back!

I apparently took 10 pictures of everything and its been fun (and a little exhausting) sorting through and picking some highlights.

We left Inverness bound for the Isle of Skye. We made quite a few stops along the way. I unfortunately I don’t recall the name of all the different lochs and stops.

We crossed the Skye Bridge onto the little island Eilean Ban then through the stunningly beautiful Cuillin Hills on the road to Portree. It is an adorable little village with a colorful harbor and fun shops.

More amazing views were in store as we made our way to Scotland’s most iconic and picturesque castle; Eilean Donan. Be still my heart! I could have stayed there forever. I spent quite a bit of time just standing along the outer wall enjoying the serenity. Eventually I did get inside for a tour. Very interesting history that you have to see for yourself, they don’t allow photos inside.

There were a couple more stops in store for us on our way back toward Inverness. We stopped at the little village of Invermoriston, where we saw a ruined bridge which was designed by Thomas Telford, the same engineer who created the Caledonian Canal. From there we carried on to Loch Ness. I was a bit disappointed that by the time we’d made it to Loch Ness it was getting a little dark for monster spotting. I think Nessy had given up hope of seeing me and retreated to the depths. I’ll have to go back for a proper visit.

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