Summer Road Trip – Day 1

In all my 44 years of living relatively close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks I’ve never visited the parks. Friends from Seattle were planning a family road trip and invited me to join them, an invitation I gladly accepted.

My planning ended up being very last minute and options, particularly affordable ones, were limited. Rather than wake way before dawn to meet my friends at the park, I took a half day off work and found a cabin bunk at the Grand Tetons Headwaters Lodge.

It was about 7.5 hours of driving through Wyoming. I didn’t find many photo opps along the way, probably because I’ve made a good portion of that drive on several occasions and find that part of the state pretty boring. As I got closer to the park the scenery improved but the weather turned a bit stormy.

I arrived at the campground about 8:50pm. I was in a bit of a panic when I found the office dark but the sign said they were open until 9 and the door was unlocked. Of course there was no cell reception. I assumed someone would eventually be back to lock the door. Moments later the clerk returned and apologized for needing to step away briefly. Whew!

I was all set for a quiet, electronics free evening. Sadly the cabins sit along a roadway. While it wasn’t as noisy as home, there was still more noise than I was expecting. I did quite a bit of tossing an turning, but I think it had more to do with my excitement than the conditions.


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