USVI All Hands Volunteering – Day 3

December 7 – The team, with a few changes, went back to the same site to finish up work. The team lead had received word we would not be getting a dumpster so all the piles of debris would need to be moved down to the street. FEMA had provided guidelines on proper placement and grouping (construction materials, appliances, household waste, e-waste, etc) of the debris pile, but that hadn’t taken into account not every properly had a flat 10′ of space to pile things off the road. It was going to be a long day of marching up and down the steep driveway.

There was quite a bit of debris on the front patio and along the side of the house. It was a bit treacherous trying to get bags from the patio around the house and down the driveway. Vegetation had grown over several hazards (loose boards and downed wires) and losing your footing could mean an unfortunate tumble down the hill. It was hot and tiresome and I definitely had moments of “what the f*ck was I thinking?”. A disagreement between a couple of team members made things extra uncomfortable.

The occasional breather left time to be silly. We had a couple unexpected visitors.

There was a grey tarantula as well but he disappeared before I could get a picture. I was oddly calm about that encounter, but I didn’t care for the fact I didn’t know where he disappeared to.

By the end of the day we’d moved a shit ton of stuff. I think Thea gave a more accurate measure of the meters of stuff, but I’m sticking with shit ton.


I snapped this last photo of the day on the way back to base.




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