USVI All Hands Volunteering – Day 5

December 9 – We had a fairly large team for my final work day in St. Thomas. The teams gathered as usual to load up the vans but ours was conspicuously missing. Apparently our driver was on holiday, and the back-up driver was a no show. A bit of time was spent trying to track someone down but ultimately we ended up taking a couple of the base vehicles to the site for the day.

I got on all my gear and got to work bagging debris. Several others were inside the house as well, bagging debris and getting to work on pulling down the wall panels. The rest of the team was outside planning the safe and efficient removal of the full fridge. I know there were ropes and pulleys and plenty of bodies involved in the process. It was a big job that seems to have gone pretty smoothly and I thought quickly. Here are some pictures of the progress.

After a full morning of clearing debris we took a nice break for lunch and savored the view.


Lunch break views

Our large team made quick work of debris removal. By the end of the day we had gutted the needed walls and kitchen and hauled the debris up to the dumpster. In the same bedroom we had encountered the rat yesterday we found the remains of another in the rafters. As the panels were pulled off quite a nest was discovered. Hopefully the remaining rat relatives will find a more appropriate place to nest.


Complete rat skeleton in the rafters

We wrapped up our work day feeling good about having the job done a few days before expected. I gave the home owner a big hug and wished him the best as he works on rebuilding his life.

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