USVI All Hands Volunteering – Day 6

December 10 – The base day off changed after I had booked my travel so I got an unexpected day to play. A friend of mine had introduced me to her niece that lives in St. Thomas and I had the good fortune of it also being her day off.

Debbie and her boyfriend picked me up and we made our way to Brewers Bay for some snorkeling. Before the hurricane it was nearly guaranteed you’d see sea turtles amongst the sea grass. There were no traces of the sea grass or the turtles we’d hoped to see but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. The water wasn’t as warm as I’d expected but it was so refreshing after the days of manual labor in the heat and humidity. Not to mention its been far too long since I’ve spent any time in or on the water.

From the beach we headed to Debbies house to get a quick shower and relax a bit. I could just sit on her balcony all day and be perfectly content. Here is a panoramic video.

As silly as it may sound I had Debbie take me to the grocery store. I wanted to make some food for the crew before my departure. It was an interesting experience. Not a lot different from what I’m accustomed to, but definitely more expensive and the lines were long. Took a few pictures of the waterfront along the way.

They had planned to take me to Duffys in the Redhook area of town but they were closed. Debbie was disappointed, she was hoping to introduce me to The Painkiller, an island specialty. We ended up having a fabulous dinner at XO Café instead.

Bellies full and feeling very relaxed they returned me to the base. I planned to make some chocolate chip cookies but was coming up short on time with lights out looming less than an hour away and only tiny tins available for baking. I cranked cookies out as best I could and one of my pals was doing a great job of getting them handed out for me. Several people came up to the kitchen to give me love. Why didn’t I do this day one? I could have been so popular!

I prepared the eggs and other ingredients for green chile frittata for breakfast in the morning then took myself to bed. I was leaving the next day but wanted to be up early enough that the frittata had time to cook before lights on.


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