USVI All Hands Volunteering – Day 7

December 11 – I got up a bit after 5am to get breakfast started. I turned on the oven and put all the ingredients into a pan. Made a quick trip to the rest room then returned to put the pans in the pre-heated oven. It needed to cook at a higher temp for 15 minutes then be turned down for the remaining time.

I collected my clothes and returned to the bathroom to clean up and finish getting dressed. Went back in to the kitchen to see how things were progressing only to find someone had shut off the oven. WTH! Who would do that?! I pulled the pans out and turned the oven back on, muttering curse words under my breath. Ovens back to the proper temperature I returned the pans to finish cooking. They didn’t quite finish on time, but close enough it all got consumed before the teams left for their work day.

They do a team meeting on Monday mornings so I got to say a farewell to everyone. Its amazing how close you can become to people in such a short amount of time.

I spent the rest of my time packing my things and calling different taxi companies trying to ensure I had a ride to the airport. I took this video of our living quarters and here are some random pictures from around base.

These deserve a section of their own. All Hands is doing some amazing work.

The taxi driver got us to the airport about 3 hours before my flight and I was thankful I’d heeded that advice. The lines were long for those of us checking bags. The agents were hand writing the boarding passes and the luggage tags because the computer system wasn’t working. I don’t know if this is a regular thing since the hurricanes, or if it was just timing. I felt for them.

I was caught off guard when I went into the airport and was immediately facing a line for customs. Ummm…I’m a U.S. citizen traveling from one U.S. territory to another, I didn’t have my passport. The customs agent was less than impressed but accepted my drivers license. It was at that moment I realized I did have my passport card. He seemed pleased with my find. Sheesh! I guess I should have expected that?

I had a little time before my flight so I picked up a few gifts from the shop, a sandwich, and a Painkiller. I bumped into a fellow volunteer and had a nice chat until it was time to board. Off to Miami then on to Denver.

Fishy art in the Miami terminal

Here are a few pictures of the destruction that weren’t otherwise posted.

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