Seville – my Spanish sweet spot – June 22

It may be a bit premature to say since I’m sure Barcelona is going to be incredible, but I think Seville is my favorite city in Spain. It is so beautiful, very easy to get around, and has plenty to do. Last week was unseasonably cool (which should be read as comfortable!) but the heat had returned. With temperatures hovering around 100 both days the smart thing would have been to get up and out early.

I had a couple places on my agenda for the day, the Plaza de España and the inside of the cathedral. My eating habits have been terrible and my blood sugar all over the place. I’m sure it has contributed to several of my issues so I decided I’d start the day with a real breakfast. I let google find me a well rated coffee shop and I made the walk to check it out. It was a great Confiteria (Confitería La Campana), I guess the Spanish equivalent of a bakery. I had an Irish coffee (why?) and a ham and cheese croissant. That should stave off the hangries!

I decided I would stop by a supermarket on my way back and see if I could figure out something to make for dinner. Kevin has graciously provided dinner for me several times so I felt I should return the favor. He was already doing so much letting me stay for free.

I knew he had some pasta sauce so I picked up the rest of the fixings to make lasagna. Not sure what kind of cheese or meat I was purchasing I knew dinner would be an adventure.

I stopped by the apartment, dropped off my goods, then made the walk down to the Plaza de España. It was beautiful. Tons of mosaic tiles, interesting water features, fun pedestrian bridges, and an amazing building. I enjoyed that each region of Spain had their own little representation and they were all very different.

By the time I finished up it was getting unbearably hot. I recalled seeing a Starbucks nearby so I headed there for an iced mocha and a little lunch. I decided at that point I wasn’t going to have time to do the cathedral tour justice. It was still fairly early in the afternoon but I had a couple earlier than usual meetings for work.

I returned to the apartment, hand washed the laundry and hung it out, got a shower, and started to prepare lasagna. Another full morning where I didn’t feel like I’d accomplished much. Relieved to report the lasagna was edible.


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